Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Aldi Bread Crumbs

Rating: Just as Good
How Do I Rate?

First I would like to say...I really think bread crumbs are like sugar...sugar is sugar and bread crumbs are bread crumbs. I have never tasted a significant difference between any brands. Have you? If you have, please comment I would love to hear it! We all have differences in our taste buds and senses. For this reason I am giving ALDI bread crumbs a rating of "Just As Good" because I cannot tell a difference between them and Shake N Bake, they cook just fine, and there is no significant difference. Now, why am I reviewing boring bread crumbs? Well, I've already mentioned I would like a review of all the ALDI products I can find. I plan on reviewing at least 4 products a week until I get to my goal of the full database. But also, I make a mean "Aldi Mom's Make It Better Macaroni and Cheese" and one of the ingredients is bread crumbs. You can check out the recipe here, and please note it includes bacon, so any man you feed it to will probably love it! Also, with the holidays coming up, I wanted you all to remember recipe ingredients like bread crumbs, spices, sugars, flour, etc. can be purchased at ALDI for such an incredibly low price without losing the quality.

Do you have a recipe that includes bread crumbs, and all the other ingredients can be purchased at ALDI? If so, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to comment your recipe here, or e-mail it to and please include your name and location!

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  1. My favorite that I used breadcrumbs for are German meatballs (Frikadellen). They are large and flat (larger than Italian metballs and thicker than a hamburger, but similar size). Main ingredients: Ground beef (preferably half pork/half beef if available), bread crumbs, diced onions, eggs, salt, pepper, paprika. Depending how lean the meat is you might need oil. I usually prefer the meatballs to meat loaf, because each has its own crunchiness, and they cooks much faster - unless you're feeding an army. My favorite sides are homemade mashed potatoes and fried green beans (boil frozen green beans and then fry them in margarine until they turn brown and get a slightly sweet taste - acquired taste, love it!)