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We just tried the Fit and Active Yogurt Smoothie bars. They are absolutely wonderful - so creamy and full of flavor! We also love the Belmont Fruit Bars, Fit and Active All Natural Fruit Strips, Vitality Cereal Bars, and Protein Bars. The only product that we have not liked (and we have tried many)is the V-8 type fruit and vegetable juice. We could not finish the bottle. The 100% Nature's Nectar juice products are great, though, as are the frozen orange juice and lemonade. It's great to have a store like Aldi where we can find great products at great prices every day. We're lucky to have several in our area, and I've been to all of them! One thing I have noticed is that some products are only available in some of the stores. We love the frozen chicken breast tenderloins, but they no longer are available at the store I usually shop at. Other stores have them, so I stock up when I find them. Thank you for starting this group! - Anonymous

My favorite Aldi product, the one I can NOT live without, is their coffee. Just the basic coffee (although I do enjoy their specialty coffees as well). I tell everyone that I'm a coffee snob, an Aldi coffee snob, because nothing compares. I don't want Starbucks, I don't want Folgers, I want ALDI brand! In fact, when I moved from Ohio to Florida, the first thing I checked before I decided, was if there was an Aldi nearby.
- Stepheny
New Port Richey, Florida

My name is Linda and I live in Plano, Texas. I know I could have brought the juice back to get a refund, but I love all the other products so much that I just didn't. Maybe they need to know, though, so they can make some changes. I would love to be part of any consumer group/product raters or anything that involves Aldi shoppers! I tell others about the stores all the time, but most are skeptical. I hope they give it a try. It's great not to have to spend time couponing every week. I just clip a few for the products that I really love and can only buy at other stores. I forgot to mention that their Crofton and Kitchen Living products are excellent! The non-stick pans are the best I've ever used. The two-year warranty gave me the confidence to try them for the first time. I even went back and bought two more pans to save for when the ones I have wear out; they don't look like that will happen any time soon, though, and I use them every day. Keep up the good work!
- Linda
Plano, TX

So many of the house brands taste exactly like the name brands. but my favorite at aldi is the clancys sea salt and cracked pepper kettle style potato chips. TO DIE FOR!
- Julie
Plano, TX

So hard to choose but right now my latest "wow, I can't believe I got this for less than half what they charge at the other stores" is the artisan lettuces. $1.99 for double the lettuce that comes in one of the bags you pay $3 or more elsewhere.
- Mary, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Many products are actually name brands packaged for Aldi :)
- Lynn, St. Louis, MO