Monday, October 15, 2012

ALDI Ad 10/14 and 10/17

Aldi Mom's Top Deals of the Week:
This is the week for Italian savings!


0.59 3 lb. bag of Yellow Onions (National Deal Starts 10/17)
0.89 Reggio Pasta Entres (Love the Parmesan) 10/17
0.99 Pasta Sauce 10/17
1.49 Priano Cut Pasta (The fancy pasta in the bags! Lol!) 10/17
1.79 Canned Breadsticks (Could this be the week for spagetti?)
3.89 12-Pack Diet Green Tea (Wow, what a savings compared to Lipton at 6.99) 10/17
4.99 Frozen Tiramisu (My favorite cake in the world.)

How do I select the best deals? It's simple. Shopping at ALDI, we already know the quality is great. Therefore, I choose the best deals based upon price matching at other stores. These are the items that will save you the most money this week in comparison with normal retail value of the national brands.

The rest of the Ad for the Week Starting 10/14 and 10/17

National deals begin 10/17. Regional (In-Store) deals begin 10/14 and are blue.
To benefit from both ads, go shopping the 17th - the 20th.
In-Store savings may vary by region.

0.49 Tomato Soup (Great with grilled cheese!)
0.59 3lb. Yellow Onions
0.59 Can Diced Tomatoes
0.59 Cream of Soups
0.69 8oz. Mushrooms
0.79 4-Pack Green Peppers
0.79 Pack of Roma Tomatoes
0.79 Little Salad Bar Bag
0.99 3-Pack Zuccini
0.99 Pasta Sauce
0.99 Various Pasta Entres
0.99 Boxed Pasta
1.29 Chicken Noodle Soup
1.29 Crunchy Cheese Curls
1.49 Spagetti and Macaroni
1.49 Priano Bronze Cut Pasta
1.49 Risotto
1.69 6-Cups Instant Maruchen Cups
1.69 Priano Alfredo Sauce
1.79 Priano Vodka Pasta Sauce
1.79 Baked Ripple Potato Chips
1.79 Olive Oil Potato Chips
1.89 Priano Roasted Pepper Sauce
1.89 Dark Chocolate (There's 5 Individually Wrapped Smaller Bars in the box.)
1.99 Various Choceur Chocolate Candy Boxes (These are sooo good.)
1.99 Kettlecorn Popcorn
1.99 Blueberry Shredded Wheat
1.99 Balsalmic Vinegar
1.99 Pesto (Yay, so glad they carry pesto now. An Italian secret ingredient in many dishes!)
1.99 Assorted Tortellini
1.99 Pasta Nests
2.29 Smoked Turkey Wings or Drums
2.39 Container of Parmesan
2.49 Jarred Garlic
2.49 Jarred Portebella Mushrooms
2.49 Honey Bunches of Oats
2.69 Fresh Mozarella
2.99 Extra Light Olive Oil
2.99 Toasted Ravioli
2.99 Individually Wrapped Chocolates
3.29 Regular Olive Oil
3.49 Italian Cheese Wedges
3.89 12-Pack Diet Green Tea
3.99 Four Cheese Ravioli
3.99 Fit N' Active Protein Meal Bars
4.99 Kitchen Grater
4.99 Cheese Lasagna Rolls
4.99 Pinot Grigio and Santa Bachelli Wines
4.99 1 lb. Chicken Parmesan Ready Made Cutlets
6.99 Lambrusco (Heard this was a good Lambrusco.)
6.99 Breaded Veal Patties
8.99 A Whole Frozen Lasagna
9.99 3-Piece Kitchen Stone Set
9.99 Chianti Wine
19.99 5-Quart Pasta Pot

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