Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aldi Review: Boulder Trash Bags

Rating: Better Than The Rest
How Do I Rate?

This morning I took my trash out and it inspired me to do a review on ALDI's trash bags, the Boulder trash bags. I use the tall white kitchen ones. You would asume at a discount supermarket, the quality of the items would be less than at a national brand supermarket, but this is not true. My bag this morning was stuffed so full, as I pulled it out of the can I was thinking, "Oh gosh it's going to rip for sure." I carried it from my kitchen all the way outside, there was even some liquid in the bottom along with some boxes and trash that had rough edges. The bag held up! My ALDI charges 4.99 for a box of 80 bags. We usually change our trash every other day, so a box of 80 lasts a long time for our house. Keeping in mind, we also recycle so plastics and what not go in our seperate recycle can. The cheapest price I have found on Glad, for a box of 78, is 10.99. Therefore, my rating is better than the rest for this product of ALDI trash bags.
Disclaimer: My opinions are mine alone.

I would also like to point out one other thing. Notice the angle of the photo below...What do you notice about the box of bags?

From this angle you can see three bar codes. There is also one more on the other side. Why so many  bar codes? This makes checkout quick and easy, allowing for our grocery shopping experience to be more efficient, in turn running along with the various other reasons their prices can be so low. Smart right? Next time you go to ALDI look at all the products packaging...they are covered in bar codes. Beep. Beep. Beep. Cashier's can get you in and out quickly. :)


  1. I just bought these for the first time this weekend. Haven't used them yet, but happy to hear your review of them.

  2. I have used these for years! Love them!

  3. We usually use plastic shopping bags as garbage bags, unless we run out of course. We also use the Aldi garbage bags for "big" trash and never had a problem with them!

  4. The drawstring ones are great too. I was hesitant because I always used Glad bags but I can not tell any difference at all.

  5. The Boulder tall kitchen drawstring trash bags are garbage! The drawstrings are not securely attached to the bag. You will be left holding a drawstring in your hand and trash all over the floor. Many times, when getting out a new bag the drawstring will fall apart from the bag as I remove it from the box! Serious quality control problem!

  6. I have used the Boulder tall kitchen can 13gallon size with four flaps for at least 2 yrs now with no problems really like them but then the last box of 80 we purchased are smaller and won't fit our 13gallon can. The box even seems smaller too. I think there must be a manufacturing problem that needs adjusted. These bags are narrow and the top won't stretch over the can. The UPC # is 0 41498 19054 5 I may be returning them to the Aldi store where I purchased them since there is a "Double Guarantee"