Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello readers! I am giving one of you lucky readers a $25.00 ALDI Gift Certificate!! Here's what you have to do. Check out my review below of Aldi's brand baby wipes, Lullabies, and leave a comment on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE POST that linked you here! In your comment please state if you have used these wipes, what you thought of them, and let us know other things you use baby wipes for around the house, besides baby bottoms. ;) And besides your own bottom. :P Everyone's name will go in a random generator and whoever's name pops out will win! You have all day today and Saturday to comment up until Saturday night at 11:59 pm central time. The winner will be chosen some time on Sunday.

Lullabies Baby Wipes: These wipes won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner's Seal of Approval, which is determined by North America's largest volunteer parent testing community! You can pick up a package of 72 wipes for under 2 dollars. Aldi sent me a full size package to review. Upon receiving the wipes I noticed the sturdy plastic opening. I opened it and closed it a few times to see if it would easily break (like some Dollar store wipe lids have done in the past) and the lid didn't break. So I approve of the packaging first and foremost. I also appreciated the design and name idea of the wipes, "Lullabies" and the two L's are music notes. :) Cute. The actual wipe itself has no strong fragrance and is hypoallergenic. There are some cute animal designs on the print and guess what is the best of all? These wipes are STRONG and decently damp. Many cheaper wipes I have purchased were dried out a little too much for me, or weren't strong. I can tug these wipes and they don't rip. They actually seem stronger than Huggies brand. I give these wipes a rating of: better than the rest and Aldi mom approved!!

We can thank ALDI for this opportunity and for sending me the gift certificate and a sample of their baby wipes!! We love our favorite grocery store and thank them for giving back to the fans!!

Now, go back to the Facebook page and comment for your chance to win!! Remember, "Please state if you have used these wipes, what you thought of them, and let us know other things you use baby wipes for around the house, besides baby bottoms." (Comments on the blog are also welcome but not entered into the drawing. Thanks.)


  1. I love these wipes

  2. I use these when doing crafts. I love them. I live in NC

  3. We use these wipes at dog shows to clean up feet before going on the table for grooming they also double well for wiping out kennels when on the road and don't leave an anticeptic smell in the kennel or on the dog! LOVE THESE!!!!!

  4. I use these wipes all the time they are cost effective and so gentle for my 3 dogs and brand new 1 week old puppy and they are so handy for all size clean ups and smell fresh.. I also get the pleasure of using them on myself and the dirty little neighborhood children when they come around!!!

  5. I love these wipes, they are a excellent buy for 99Cents. When there are floods, tornados, and bad things that happen I buy cases of them and send them to the victims along with cases of aqua purified water of course : )