Friday, June 29, 2012

Aldi Review: Healthiest Juices

Rating: Better Than The Rest
How Do I Rate?

My Aldi review today is for the healthiest juices. I say healthiest juices because Aldi won an award for their juice! As I posted on our Facebook group, SELF magazine put Aldi's juice on their 6th slide here for one of the healthiest juices. I compared the ingredients with some of Aldi's juice to others and found that most of them have less sugar than other leading brands. This makes us feel like their juice is better for the kids, since our children are the big juice drinkers these days. I personally, enjoy a little cranberry through the week because it keeps my bladder and stuff healthy, but I always get the Fit & Active brand because there is less sugar. I have to rate Aldi juice as better than the rest because it has the same ingredients, less sugar, and half the price if not more!
Disclaimer: My opinions are mine alone.

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