Monday, June 18, 2012

Aldi Product Review: Millville Fruit & Grain Bars

Rating: Better Than The Rest
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These are definetely a family favorite of ours! WAY better than Nutri Grain bars. Why? These cereal bars are filled fuller of that sweet gooey fruit than most other cereal bars. The breading is also more moist and less dry. Many cereal bars we have had were dry and crumbling and needed more filling, but these are just amazing! Great for a quick breakfast on the go, or even a snack! They really seem to hit the spot too for when you are a little hungry, and have a bit of a sweet tooth. My Aldi (In St.Louis) has Millville Fruit and Grain Bars in Blueberry, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, and Apple. We like Apple the best!

Now, ANYONE can leave a comment below! Let us know what you think of these, or what flavor is your favorite?


  1. Our family likes these as well.

    Great blog!

  2. The apple bars are my personal favorites. My husband prefers the strawberry ones, and my son loves the blueberry. Yes, I buy 3 boxes every week!

  3. I would also say these are definitely better than the rest, BUT although they have more nutrients in them then even big-time competitors, their first ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup! Their second ingredient is Corn Syrup! I know some corn profiteers threw a bunch of money at a campaign to change peoples minds about corn syrup, but their money may change minds but it doesn't change the truth. I'm planning on writing to Millville to let them know I'd pay 50% more if they subtracted the corn syrups and upped the puree volume.