Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aldi Product Review: Aunt Maple's Pancake Mix

Rating: Just As Good
How Do I Rate?

My Aldi review for today is for Aunt Maple's Pancake Mix gets a rating of just as good because we found no problems with it. It mixed well, and it tasted well. We did find that we would have prefered the chocolate chips to be larger ones because cooking almost gets rid of any gooey chocolate you might want. We loved the blueberry and prefered it over the chocolate chip! We have been keeping an eye out for other varieties, such as banana nut or something...that might be good! We have also had the plain pancake mix from Aldi and I would like to say that it is just as good too, if not better because the price is such a sweet deal. It mixes normally, rises fine on the pan, and turns out well...and that's it for today's Aldi review. Tune in tomorrow to see what product I will be testing out!

What varieties have you seen and which one is your favorite?
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  1. We just tried the Pumpkin Spice one that is out right now and it was fabulous! (we also prefer the blueberry over the chocolate chip LOL)