Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aldi Product Review: Belmont Apple Pie

Rating: Better Than The Rest
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For this Aldi product review, I am reviewing Aldi's frozen apple pie. This pie gets a rating of better than the rest, which means it tastes better than name brands at other grocery stores. The reason being is because first of all, the apples don't have an overwhelming tangy flavor, and secondly there is a lot of filling. They definetely didn't skimp on the filling in this pie like other pies we have had. The crust comes out flaky and sweet, instead of too thick and dry.

Recipes: Warm Apple Pie

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  1. I, too, am a Belmont Apple Pie fan. Unfortunately, for the past two months or so, it hasn't been available, and I was told by an Aldi employee that it may be discontinued. I hope this isn't true, especially since the pie if frequently the reason I'm in Aldi's at all.