Monday, October 22, 2012

Aldi Pumpkins and Pumkin Carving Kit Review

Rating: Just As Good
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Over the weekend we carved our first pumpkin. We purchased our pumpkin for $2.29 at ALDI. There wasn't much of a selection left because due to the low price they go quick. There were two large boxes and only a few left at the bottom of each one. So, I simply chose the one with the best color. I noticed lots of reddish, and some light orange, some bright orange, etc. I received a Halloween gift from ALDI last week....


In my gift I had two frostings, paper plates, napkins, baking cups, a box of confetti cake mix, and also a pumpkin carving kit! (Which I planned to purchase and was glad I didn't have to.) So anyways, my husband Jason did the carving after we chose a design. Inside the ALDI pumpkin carving kit there were 12 designs. Each design had a 1-4 rating on difficulty, we chose one with a 4, which was the most difficult. It was so cute though, and my husband felt he could do it. The only thing I was a little uneasy about was that on the back of the ALDI pumpkin carving kit, there was an image of a pumpkin face and I had said that was the design we wanted, but after opening the kit that design wasn't in there.


So just so you know you will not find the spooky flames face inside the kit. You will find 12 other designs though. And again, we chose one with 3 pumpkin heads that was rated the most difficult to do. Jason spent about 30 minutes hollowing out the pumpkin, and an additiona1 1 or 1.5 hours working on the design. He said the tools all worked fine, nothing broke. The razor knife that you slide in and work around your shape to cut pieces out could have been longer he said, but it seemed to be the same size as in other kits we have seen. So inside of shoving the knife through the pumpkin and pulling out and being done, he would shove it through and have to work it around a little and occasionally shoving through from the inside as well because the knife would go about 90% of the way through the pumpkin. However, that was not a major problem or an issue that would cause us not to purchase this kit. All in all, the product works and nothing broke so the ALDI pumpkin carving kit received the rating of just as good because it is just as good as other kits. Here is a photo of our finished product...



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