Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aldi Review: Rice Crispy Treats

Rating: Better Than The Rest
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My Aldi review today is Aldi rice crispy treats. These are very yummy. They have a high quality flavor. They aren't stale, cheap tasting, etc. They taste just like name brand, and are a decent size. The best thing about them is they are really low in calories and in sugar, which makes them a good snack if you are dieting or for your kids! Here are some photos of creative things you can do with Aldi rice crispy treats. :)
Disclaimer: My opinions are mine alone.

Dip them in almond bark....(add sprinkles, candy, etc.) or cover them in icing!


  1. Do these have high fructose corn syrup? Could you post the nutrition labels and ingredients when reviewing a product? Takes me a long time to shop b/c of reading labels.

  2. I've had these and I agree, they are VERY good and completely like the "originals".

  3. I really like your blog! I shop at ALDI regularly... probably do about 90% of our shopping there and I think your reviews are great! I do WW and these are great treat... only 2 PP+ each! As for the HFCS, it says on the front of the box 'no high fructose corn syrup' Thanks for keeping up such a great blog!